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NAAC Retention Study
NAAC recently completed a pilot study on retention of alternatively certified teachers and program candidates. The results were presented June 10 at the NASDTEC annual conference. Find the presentation here . A follow-up study is in the planning stages.

National Program Database
NAAC is collaborating with the Center for Career Changers to the Classroom to expand its online, searchable database providing information on certification pathways and programs in every state. This is a great tool for promoting programs and assuring that prospective teachers have access to the most up-to-date, state-by-state information available. More information here.

NAAC Resource Wiki
The wiki serves as an information clearinghouse for NAAC members. To visit the wiki, go to


News and Updates

APA Report on Evaluating Teacher Preparation Programs
A recent report on Assessing and Evaluating Teacher Preparation Programs argues that "Pre-K to 12 student learning is the central element of effective teaching and should be the focus of assessing the quality of teacher preparation programs." The report from the American Psychological Association task force can be found here.

Teaching as a Second Act, or Maybe Even a Third By Motoko Rich, New York Times A recent New York Times article highlights the movement that is attracting career changers into teaching. Read more.


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